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The conference will be held in Hard Rock Hotel, Kuta, westcoast of Bali island, which is located between Java and Lombok. Bali is one of thousands of islands in Indonesia which is so special because of the combination of the friendly people, the natural beauty, the culture attraction, the great variety of things to see and do, and the pleasant climate.

Hard Rock Hotel, Kuta Beach, Bali

Nestled against the shores of Bali's famed Kuta beach on an impressive three-hectare prime site right in the heart of Bali's entertainment and shopping district, Hard Rock Hotel Bali (Google Map) is Asia's first Hard Rock Hotel.




Amongst the thousands of islands that are beautifully arranged from west to east in Indonesia, Bali is peacefully seated in the eastern part of the tropical country. Occupying an area of 5.632 kilometer, Bali's beauty sparks out as a dramatic view but overshadowed with the arrogance of the active volcanoes. The Bali's mountainous area divides the island into northern and southern parts.

Its exoticism lies on the beautiful silhouette of its white-sand beach­es. Outside the main island, Bali promotes some of tiny islands on, they are Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan & Menjangan ­Island that are undeniably paradises for divers and surfers.

Balinese puts high respect for the natural elements, including mountains, sea, springs, like lakes, rivers and other elements. They get acquainted with their physical existence while upholding a philosophy of being the sources for life. Hence, the nature and all the important elements have special space in the hearts of Balinese. The Balinese include them as important constituents in its spiritual and religious activities, exceptionally for Mount Agung, the highest mountain in Bali (3,141 meter) and Besakih Temple (the mother temple) of Balinese Hindus on its feet.

Samuan Tiga Temple
Samuan Tiga Temple


Do not worry that you will miss interesting things in Bali. There are more to see than its amazing nature and culture, such as how Balinese live their daily life. There is always a spiritual presentation in efforts to keep the nature and the God's creatures all in balance. Balinese celebrates life with full of joy reflecting the purity and gratitude to the life creator, Ida Hyang Widhi Wasa (God the Almighty).

To bring harmony into life, a Balinese has conducted some stages of spiritual procession since they were still in womb. They ride through the birth, maturity and mortality period with gratefulness and ceremonial procession. What an interesting event to follow through.



Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach

Surfing Activity

Surf Activity

Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach

Ulandanu Temple

Ulandanu Temple